Cooling and freezing according to industry and needs

Cooling and freezing according to industry and needs

Many applications, many different solutions to specific problems and needs, are the real strength of MARCOLD GROUP, which designs and manufactures refrigeration systems and chiller units for the use in many industrial sectors: from the agri-food sector (fish, meat, dairy, fruit and vegetables, cereals, scale ice production) to the petrochemical industry, to the textile industry as well as ice skating rinks.

We always comply, from the project stage onward, with the specifications provided by the customer and design our solutions in order to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

MARCOLD GROUP‘s refrigeration systems for the industry can be designed to operate with freon, ammonia or CO2, depending on the climatic conditions in which they will have to be installed and can be assembled either in open frame or housed version. Each system is equipped with advanced electronic instrumentation for control and surveillance and fitted with state-of-the-art components most suitable for each specific application.

MARCOLD GROUP has always been a leading company in the production of compressor packs for low temperatures and boasts a considerable production of packs designed to supply freezing tunnels and blast freezing rooms, for the ice cream and frozen foods industry, but also for the meat, fish and fruit and vegetables sectors. “

Bertagni SpA – Technogel SpA – Battaglio – Barilla (Parma) – Beretta salumi (Lecco) – Bertani 1882 (Vicenza) – Bivalvia (Venezia) – Bonorto (Parma) – Cariglino (Lamezia Terme) – Garbo surgelati (Bracciano, Roma) – Gela Srl (Ascoli Piceno) – Intrafood (Roma) – Sterilgarda (Mantova) – Tortora (Napoli)

Ice Queen Jordan (Jordan) – Tetra Pak Hoyer (Denmark) – Vojta Ice Cream Equipment (Czech Republic) – Dolsi Ice Cream (Lebanon) – ABP (United Kingdom) – Falfish ltd (United Kingdom) – Axima refrigeration (France)

Types of refrigeration plants MARCOLD GROUP:

Motor condensing units
(without evaporator) for medium or low temperature.

  • Fairings: air condensation
  • A day: water condensation.

for glycol water or brine, medium or low temperature.

  • Fairings: air condensation.
  • A day: water condensation.

Compression stations
for medium or low temperature.

Refrigeration groups
for the production of flake ice.

Refrigeration plants
for ATEX, medium or low temperature environments.

Application sectors:

  • Production of ice creams, ice lollies, frozen foods.
  • Processing and production of abatement cells and processing rooms: fresh pasta, meat, fish and fruit and vegetables.
  • Preservation of fresh products, frozen products and seeds.
  • Process refrigeration in the petrochemical sector (ATEX) and in the textile sector.
  • Chiller for supply of skating rinks.


Pump systems
Direct expansion systems

Subcritical systems
Transcritical systems


For this type of compressor packs:

Reciprocating semi-hermetic compressors
Semi-hermetic screw compressors / Open screw compressors

High quality components

All of our systems are equipped with BITZER refrigeration compressors, an internationally renowned brand synonymous with quality and reliability.

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