A leading company in the field of industrial refrigeration systems and grain cooling units for over twenty years

A leading company in the field of industrial refrigeration systems and grain cooling units for over twenty years

MARCOLD GROUP has built up and consolidated a solid reputation, distinguishing itself by its commitment to research and its ability to design and implement solutions on the specific request of its partners.

Alongside the traditional industrial refrigeration sector, MARCOLD GROUP has developed over time the range of CHARLY and TURBOGRAIN cereal and seed coolers, two lines designed for temperature and humidity control in silos and warehouses, known and used throughout the world.

Currently the MARCOLD GROUP Research & Development Department is developing the innovative DRY COOLER SEEDS line for the treatment and production of breeding seeds.

Agri Ravagnolo – Agricola Grains – Barilla – Borghi – Capa Cologna – Castellina – Cerealicola Torre Natisone – Cerealicola Vieris – Mulmix – Castellina – Consorzio Agrario Alessandria – Consorzio Agrario Bologna – Consorzio Agrario Lombardo Veneto – Consorzio Agrario Cuneo – Consorzio Agrario Nord Ovest – Cooperativa Maiscoltori – Silosfor – Zanin.

Ambev (Bolivia) – Cargill (Egitto) – Delta-P (Grecia) – GSI (Sud Africa) – Monsanto (Argentina, Bolivia) – Rodrigo Ribeiro (Brasile) – Scarà (Francia) – Sementos Froes (Brasile) – Silomax (Brasile) – Silos Roma (Brasile) – Sygenta (Argentina).

Our lines of

Coolers for cereals and seeds

Advantages of the Grain Cooling System

The best answer to grain storage needs

Improvement of product quality

Elimination of pesticides

Lower storage costs (compared to traditional systems)

Less weight loss during the storage period

Energy saving in drying cycles

The storage and preservation of cereals implies various sensitive issues both for maintaining the quality of the product and for the economic and energy management of the agri-food activity.

An effective and modern refrigeration system is the best answer to problems such as loss of product by drying, proliferation of fungi and insects, as well as fermentation and provides both eco-sustainability and economic savings.

MARCOLD GROUP manufactures the CHARLY and TURBOGRAIN range of grain coolers that represent optimal solutions for the international market thanks to their functional characteristics and performance .

MARCOLD GROUP grain coolers stand out not only for their constructive strength and versatility of use, but also for the intelligent use of the most advanced technology that makes it easy for operators to control processes and management. The technological effort and the passion for work have made MARCOLD GROUP a leading company in the refrigeration sector with unparalleled installations in the world. “


Normal temperature


Marcold temperature

Why choose MARCOLD

Efficiency, savings, sustainability:optimize storage

With our systems everything is controlled by a specific software (developed and enhanced by MARCOLD GROUP) that supervises the whole activity of the chillers by means of PC and touch screen.The various probes inform the computer of the temperature of the product to be refrigerated, the external temperature and humidity, the treated air blown into the silos, the gas return temperature to the compressor, the suction and discharge pressures as well as the air flow supplied to the silos / sheds.

All these data are stored and processed in real time, fully automatically, establishing the operating modes of the system itself. Our management program is able to evaluate the most convenient way for specific cooling needs.


All these functions have the characteristic of optimizing electrical consumption in relation to the initial temperature of the product to be stored, the temperature at the end of cooling and the external climatic conditions (Energy Saving) and not just the programmed cooling.

TURBOGRAIN series grain coolers are the result of over twenty years of experience in the field of industrial refrigeration in general and grain cooling in particular . Their completely automatic functioning logic allows the product to cool down gradually thanks to the air which gradually becomes colder as the temperature of the mass to be cooled decreases. The possibility of remote assistance is also provided.


Our refrigeration system is the fastest, most natural, most environmentally-friendly and most economical answer to grain storage problems.

The fully automated management is controlled by a touch screen panel that allows the continuous display of all the fundamental functions of the system:

  • Set Parameters
  • Actual values ​​of all pressures, temperatures and humidity values
  • Reports of problems and advice on their resolutions
  • Historical archive of operating parameters and alarms

Operating mode:

  • Soft refrigeration
  • Turbo system refrigeration
  • Refrigeration at a fixed temperature
  • Refrigeration by temperature / humidity program
  • Refrigeration without drying
  • Refrigeration with moderate drying (1 ÷ 1.5%)

4 strengths


All of our coolers are equipped with a touch screen to control the refrigeration process. Moreover, different automatic programs allow to satisfy every need of conservation of cereals.


We use only one refrigerating fluid (R 134a) which has a GWP (Global Warning Potential) among the lowest on the market and at the same time guarantees the highest performances. It also prevents the grain coolers from stopping even in presence of adverse weather conditions (very hot and humid climates).


Our coolers are equipped with powerful fans that provide large air flows, thus optimizing the refrigeration process times, with powers ranging from 3 kWh up to 45 kWh


Our coolers are equipped with Bitzer compressors, the world’s leading brand for reliability, performance and power.


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